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T. Agus Sriyono, SJ, M.A, M.Hum - Director

Welcome to the ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta website.

Thank you for your time to open the ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta website.

ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta is a higher education institution that concentrates on vocational education. Since 1968 ATMI, which is part of the Mikael College and managed by the Indonesian Province Jesus Society, has produced many alumni who occupy important positions in the industrial world and who have their own industries. The alumni of the Polytechnic ATMI-Mikael College are not only recognized for their prowess in their technical skills, but are also respected for their attitude, morality, and integrity in the way they act on a daily basis. The good vocational education system in the ATMI Surakarta Polilteknik has long been recognized by the government, the industrial world, and the wider community. The website of the ATMI Surakarta Polytechnic that you visit is created primarily as a means of communication of the ATMI Surakarta Polytechnic with customers and communication between residents of the ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta. There are three things that you can get through this website:

  • First: introduction of the Surakarta ATMI Polytechnic as a tertiary institution concentrating on vocational education;
  • Second: about the ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta as an industry that produces a variety of goods and services;
  • And third: about the activities of students of Polytechnic ATMI Surakarta.

Besides these three main things, you can still get information about projects run by the Surakarta ATMI Polytechnic, about the Jesus Society as the owner of the Surakarta ATMI Polytechnic, watching ATMI Polytechnic videos, and downloading various brochures, etc. By providing information to all of you, we hope that those of you who want to get to know the Polytechnic ATMI Surakarta will get enough information.

We will continue to strive to make this website up-to-date so that you, the reader, get accurate data about the ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta, and all members of the ATMI Polytechnic academics can access the data.

T. Agus Sriyono, SJ, M.A, M.Hum


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