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Research and Development Department


ATMI Polytechnic Surakarta is a center of excellence in vocational education that is innovative, adaptive, brings positive change to the industrial and vocational world, supported by a professional academic community.


    Educate young people so that they can play a role in building sustainable vocational industry and education:

  • Respect the dignity of human life, especially marginal people.
  • Responsible for environmental balance.
  • Respect diversity, and,
  • Critically respond to the advancement of information technology.

General Duties

  • Compilation of study data
  • Analysis Process
  • Hasil Analisa dan Solusi
  • Recommendations / input


  • Curriculum Development
  • Research and Community Service
  • Development of a Governance System that refers to Industry 4.0
  • Standardization of Quality Standards for Vocational Education

Fields Scope

  • Curriculum
  • Standardization Workshop / Laboratory
  • Research & PkM
  • Quality Standards
  • Industry Development 4.0


  • Profile of the ATMI Surakarta Polytechnic

R. Joko Priyono, S.T., M.Pd

Head of Lit Bang

Ig. Henry Ismadi, Dipl.Ing HTL., M.Eng

Standardization of workshops and laboratories Development

Herda Agus Pamasaria, S.T., M.Eng


Ant. Dwi Setyoko, S.T., M.Eng

PkM Development

F. Prijo Santoso, S.T., M.Pd

Curriculum Development

Rahmat Trihartanto, S.T.

Vocational Quality Standards Development

Ratmono Hari W., S.T.

4.0 Industry Development

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